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The Foundation of New Thought Is the Truth That Sets Us Free

The International New Thought Alliance dedicated to Spiritual Enlightenment and Transformation since 1914, recently asked Terry to submit an article for the Winter 2017 New Thought Magazine. Here’s a copy of Terry’s article. New Thought and the promise within their teachings was my only hope of taking control of some of the circumstances in my […]

what is choice

What is Choice?

Taking charge of your creative mind involves more than just doing a few affirmations or thinking positive thoughts for a few minutes in the morning and then going about the rest of your day thinking like you have always thought.

you are not your thoughts- terry mcbride

You Are Not Your Thoughts…

    Yesterday I purchased two pieces of furniture and I moved them into my home by myself. They weren't that heavy, and I was in constant contact with my body, paying attention to how I was lifting.