Where is Your Focus?

If you start your day with the intention of working on your problem then the first thing that must be in your experience is your problem. Without your problem you wouldn't be able to work on it.

The central idea behind "Moving to" is to use the tools of choice and create the solution.  You can train your creative mind to have its main focus on creating what you do want, what you want to be creating, rather than just dealing with problems and challenges. Certainly you will probably have some problems and challenges come up in creating what you want. And the focus is on realizing the dream not just dealing with the stuff better.

The body and mind combination is goal-directed and action-oriented. Both have a program that they are committed to realizing. That's a little simplistic and it's like that.The choices we all have are:

~what would we like these various programs to be heading to?
~where would you like to be at the end of this year?
~how would you like to perceive yourself as you go along on this journey?Right now take a moment and reflect, where has your focus been for the last few hours?

“Moving to” is just the label I use to assist me to be aware of where my focus is.

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Moving To


One of the most important concepts in making life more stimulating and joyous is to begin moving your energy and focus to what you do want instead of paying too much attention to what you don’t want.
There is so much in the news and “current events” that accentuates the negative; it is easy to get into the habit of constantly reacting to problems and challenges. Our minds can become filled with thoughts about what isn’t working.  And when our focus is constantly on the negative after a while there is no joy, there is no inspiration.

That’s the way it was for me when I was sick. I was surrounded with dis-ease, pain and suffering. I spent most of my time fighting problems and worrying about possible negative outcomes.I wanted to change my focus but I didn’t believe I could just declare that I was perfectly health. So I started with what I call my “Statement of Being”:“As I move into this time of creation, I feel the power of something bigger than me, moving with me, supporting and empowering me.  I know all things are possible.  And as I explore how I am going to create the healing I desire, I will notice this support and acknowledge it.  I know that I do not have to figure this out all at once.  All I have to do is begin right where I am and consciously choose to move toward what I want. My life is not one problem after another, it is right now a time of discovery and creation, and out of my own being I feel the joy and freedom that comes with knowing I can create reality.”

(From “The Hell I Can’t!”)

If you are feeling overwhelmed or that your life seems to be just one challenge after another a good place to start changing that might be to write your own statement of being.

I send you Love and Joy!!!

Terry McBride

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What Is Truth?

Recently I spent several days with my dear friend Larry. One evening we were talking about money and how it should be related in the Spiritual Reality we are both committed to. He had heard, as I have, if one is really committed to a spiritual path, one should not have money or wealth as a primary priority. Larry had been involved with someone he considered to be a Master who spoke directly to that in saying, If you see someone charging money for any spiritual service you should run away as fast as possible.

Because Larry had received a great deal of benefit from some of the other teachings of this Master, he was more inclined to accept this Master's position on money as truth. You know, when one has their act together, they speak the Truth; it's not the same as dogma and doctrine. Because I did not know this Master as Larry did, I was not as willing to accept his position. As we sat there exploring our beliefs about money we both realized that our individual positions were greatly influenced by what we had been taught by those we respected.

I had my own Masters that supported my various positions and Larry had his. So, with a smile, I told him my Masters can beat up your Masters and we laughed. Over the next few days we explored how easy it can be to play the right-wrong game with others when we have different beliefs on what 'truth is.' And yet isn't a belief only an idea that one thinks about repeatedly over a period of time? Then, as Metaphysics teaches, once we believe a certain way the universe supports us - low and behold, we can prove our beliefs. Our beliefs become "Truths."

Ernest Holmes, one of the great metaphysicians of the twentieth century states on page 210 of Living The Science Of Mind: "The Law, having no purpose of It's own, having no intention of It's own about us, is compelled to take the color of our dominant thought and create after that pattern. We, being persons, can change our thoughts and thereby remold our conditions. Indeed this is the great realization of freedom, and to understand this is to understand how we may be released from bondage." This ties into the idea that "all things are possible if only you believe."

Certainly in my life I have had some great teachers that assisted me on my path of remembering who I Am in the game of "know the truth and it shall set you free." And I have many beliefs that came directly from these great teachers. What Larry and I were exploring was: "When do we get to come from the freedom Holmes speaks to and create our belief any way we want? When do we get to accept ourselves as the magnificent out-picturing of the Divine as Human Form? And coming from being a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience, when do we get to accept our Divine Authority?"

Now back home, sitting at my desk thinking about freedom and my ability to create what ever I desire I hear and feel the same thoughts; who do you think you are, don't be too big for your britches. Sounds like ego to me. And I wonder, what is truth?

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