Moving To


One of the most important concepts in making life more stimulating and joyous is to begin moving your energy and focus to what you do want instead of paying too much attention to what you don’t want.
There is so much in the news and “current events” that accentuates the negative; it is easy to get into the habit of constantly reacting to problems and challenges. Our minds can become filled with thoughts about what isn’t working.  And when our focus is constantly on the negative after a while there is no joy, there is no inspiration.

That’s the way it was for me when I was sick. I was surrounded with dis-ease, pain and suffering. I spent most of my time fighting problems and worrying about possible negative outcomes.I wanted to change my focus but I didn’t believe I could just declare that I was perfectly health. So I started with what I call my “Statement of Being”:“As I move into this time of creation, I feel the power of something bigger than me, moving with me, supporting and empowering me.  I know all things are possible.  And as I explore how I am going to create the healing I desire, I will notice this support and acknowledge it.  I know that I do not have to figure this out all at once.  All I have to do is begin right where I am and consciously choose to move toward what I want. My life is not one problem after another, it is right now a time of discovery and creation, and out of my own being I feel the joy and freedom that comes with knowing I can create reality.”

(From “The Hell I Can’t!”)

If you are feeling overwhelmed or that your life seems to be just one challenge after another a good place to start changing that might be to write your own statement of being.

I send you Love and Joy!!!

Terry McBride

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