The Book

“The Hell I Can’t!”


Terry McBride’s book “The Hell I Can’t!” is a true story of power and healing. It’s real, it’s raw and most of all it’s inspiring. One man, facing insurmountable odds, has the courage to cling to hope and the possibility that he can create a miracle when everyone else has given up.

As you read this book, you are there with Terry fighting for your own dreams as he fights for his. And his triumph is your triumph.

Terry’s inspiring journey to wholeness is a magnificent testimonial. A true story of guts, determination and the power of conviction. Terry’s book reads like a novel, where you are rooting for the hero as he faces huge challenges. As he picks himself up time and time again in his struggle to regain his health, what he learns and shares through his own ordeal will inspire you to go after your dreams. He’s not a storybook hero; he’s just like you. And he proves you can have what you want.

“The Hell I Can’t!” will entertain and challenge you. It will transform your view of what you are able to create in your own life. Through telling the amazing story of his own journey to health, Terry demonstrates how each of us can create miraculous changes in our lives through acknowledging who we are and using the tools of choice. This is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to make changes in their life.


Terry McBride is one of the most dynamic, self-igniting, cutting edge teachers on the planet. He has done amazing things with his life, and he will inspire you to move beyond your limits into the freedom you seek and deserve.
Alan Cohen, Author of “I had it all the time”.

Terry McBride is an incredible writer, speaker, and thinker of our time!! How is it that he is not better known!?! To hear him speak can give anyone a sense that hope and the unlimited potential in us all is absolutely attainable in every situation that we encounter. This is definitely a must read and I recommend it to everyone on the planet! -M.M. – Panama City, FL

The Hell I Can’t by Terry McBride,
This book is revolutionary. Terry’s battle for his health has ramifications in all areas of life. His message challenges our limiting beliefs about God, life and religion. It’s not a book for the conformist, the meek or anyone with a weak-stomach. This is a life-changing book. I’ve already given the book to a friend and I’m ordering another!-Kathleen K.

It has changed my life!!! I love this book. It is a message of hope with a specific problem and solution. Check Terry’s website to see if he will be speaking in your town. Seeing him tell his story just took my breath away. Daniel S.

Fantastic book! Well worth reading.
A friend gave me this book after I was diagnosed with a serious health challenge. It sat for weeks as I finished other books, then I started it and put it down several times because I found it painful to read about Terry’s struggles. I really wanted to finish the book and I’m so glad I did! I found the last quarter of the book the most powerful. I am now motivated to work even harder (maybe smarter is the word!) on using my mind to create the results I want in my life! I plan to buy his audio program to learn more about applying what he teaches and what he did to overcome a so-called incurable disease. If you or anyone you know have a medical challenge or any other that you want to make headway with, read this book.  -Rachel M.

I purchased your book after your talk at Unity Community Church in Laguna Hills CA. You autographed it for my friend Todd who had broken both heels in a skiing accident. He was pieced together with bolts and screws and told amputation had been an option, and that he may not regain the ability to walk again. Todd had plans to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with 10 other adventurers. After 6 months of determination to make the climb….he did in July 2006 against all advice he received from his doctors. His feet were numb and his legs and body were in pain. But with commitment and determination, Todd started the trek. After six days and nights of freezing weather, the final assault on the mountain was at 1:00 AM. All climbers wearing coal miner’s helmets to light the path over frozen scree. Todd said “The Hell I Can’t!” all the way to the top! As you can imagine it was a very emotional triumph to stand at the top of the mountain that the natives named Kilimanjaro, which means “Impossible to climb”! I give thanks to God that I met you and could get your inspiring book to Todd.
Pepper J. Laguna Hills, CA

I live in Boston, and am a 52-year-old woman. I’ve had a severe chronic (mysterious) upset for many years.
I heard your talk to Unity Hawaii on a podcast about a month ago, and was so awed. I could tell that your experience was authentic– so VERY, VERY different from most of the gurus nowadays who have LOTS of good advice but their words don’t ring true all the way through. i.e., they’re just a lot of “good suggestions,” and you can tell they haven’t lived it, and they don’t really know “how” to do it. They are, for the most part, good people, but of no help to me; they haven’t lived it, with all the concomitant failures, equivocations, doubts, and “not doing enoughs.”

I then got your book from Amazon, and was spellbound for the 2 days it took me to read it. Your medical circumstances were amazingly horrific, and your suffering was at least equal to mine, so that was the first thing about you that I respected. But then, the second half of the book!!! Every SINGLE doubt, questioning, reasoning, analyzing, I could TOTALLY understand, because I have been through every single one of your thought pathways (except about two). I have now re-read the whole thing, and the first underlining was in blue; the second is in red, as I’m paring down to just the most essential passages for my quick reviews through the book.
I can’t tell you in a reasonable-length email how much I’ve advanced in my self-healing through you, your experience, and your generosity of spirit — the book is an awesome work! The remembering, the meticulous rendering of your self-questioning, are, in themselves, awesome! These are the things I’ve been seeking in a “healer,” and could never find–the self-examination, the learning in one’s soul that are the real factors that enable healing. (The integration into one’s self.) You told me, over, and over, what you were “feeling”! This is what I needed to know– not just somebody saying “visualize yourself whole!”
Thank you SO MUCH, Terry!
With utmost respect and gratitude, MJ in Boston

This is an important book.
The Hell I Can’t is the true story of one man’s physical, mental and emotional journey through the ravages of a grizzly and harrowing “incurable” disease.

Terry McBride’s story is not an “airy-fairy’, `feel-good’ romp through some instantaneous and painless miracle of recovery. McBride endured a cumulative total of over 280 days in hospitals and around 30 surgeries spaced over several years. He doesn’t spare his image or his dignity as he frankly describes, often in gritty detail (yet, somehow, not losing his delightful sense of humor), the day-to-day pain and indignities, his many low times, his times of doubt, of anger and rage, of self-pity, hopelessness, terror and depression — and finally his emergence on the other side.

Rather than just telling the story, he relates his emotional, physical and spiritual journey through seemingly impossible times and, painstaking-step-by-painstaking-step, how he eventually emerged as the completely healthy, robust and very vibrant individual he is today.

Just relating the story of his illness could be a book in itself, but McBride goes much further. While he was sick he didn’t just `lay there’. He worked extremely hard to get well, even when the doctors had given up hope. In the book he relates exactly what he did – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically – to create perfect health.

The latter part of The Hell I Can’t goes to the very heart of what reality is, why we have the life we have right now, and how to create the life we want. I must confess to being a bit of a “personal improvement junkie” but, since reading this book, I am sorely tempted to give away almost my entire private library of self-improvement books. I no longer “need” them. As a story of the triumph of the human spirit over a hopeless situation. The latter part of the book is also a road map for creating new physical, emotional and spiritual realities, and also how to create the life of one’s dreams.

The Hell I Can’t is the story of one man taking responsibility for his life and his recovery, and his journey back to perfect health — and, step-by-step, how he did it. Tom in Charlotte -

The title caught my eye, the book captured my heart. What an amazing story of courage, strength, and hope! I started to fold corners on pages I wanted to refer back to rather than write in it because I wanted to share it with a friend when I was finished. Before long I realized there were more pages folded back than not. Needless to say, I’m buying my friend her own copy and will also buy copies for many others at Christmas. Very inspirational! As Terry writes, you don’t climb a mountain… you climb one section at a time. His physical recovery is miraculous, his emotional recovery is our gift from him as he shares how we can truly LIVE life and not be limited by others beliefs of what they think we can/should/will do.

I attended Terry McBride’s workshop (and purchased his book) and it has truly changed my life, 1000% for the better. He has helped me to realize that I have the power to create whatever I desire, including healing myself. I have had a medical problem that no one can figure out. I’ve had two surgeries because of it. I am now in the process of healing myself, and it’s working! Give yourself this extraordinary gift, you will not be sorry! Many claim they know how to heal others or themselves. Still many others claim they can teach you how to manifest your desires. Well this man actually has done it. And has the medical documentation to prove it. THIS MAN IS THE REAL DEAL! Don’t waste your money on other books like I have. This is the only one you will need. A Must Read! Miracles Happen Everyday

Do Yourself A Favor and Read This Book!
The highest praise I can give for Terry McBride and his book is that for the first time ever, I have found myself in Borders walking right by all the self-help books. There is no need for any of them anymore after reading ‘The Hell I Can’t’ and implementing his program (from his website).

I have been reading self-help books for 25 years, and while many authors have some very good information on ‘how to’ apply affirmations or visualizations, very few can speak from a place of pure experience as Terry can. Terry takes the reader on his journey, allowing them to experience his raw emotions, his honesty, his pain, his courage, and his triumph.

I was blessed to hear Terry speak a couple of months ago, and was sitting in the front row. From the moment he spoke I knew I was listening to the mentor I had been asking for to help me tie up some loose ends in my own self-healing, and learn some new techniques in the process. I didn’t have to go back and re-learn anything, I started the process right where I am now. I’ve always known I would heal myself, regardless of hearing scare-tactic words from doctors who know nothing about the human soul let alone me. But there was something missing in my process – I was beginning to doubt myself. Until I read this book!
To anyone who may feel stuck in their healing process, do yourself a favor – you owe it to yourself to get your power back. Read this book, and pull all the energy back into your own body. Stop giving it away to something or someone ‘other than’ he/she who knows best – YOU! No doctor, guru, leader, family member or friend can do it for you.

There is a refreshing ‘newness’ to Terry’s principles – so much so that I found myself marking up almost every page in the last half of the book! Accept no less than the truth – you CAN heal your body, create the perfect job and desired outcomes in situations. I am. And I’ll continue to do so now that I’ve implemented the principles.
Thank you Terry – you’ve jump started my healing process in all areas of my life and I am forever grateful. Betty

In this book Terry McBride takes you into his inner world and through the most challenging health condition and more importantly he shows you how he got out of it. If you have major challenges ahead of you and don’t know how to overcome them, this book shows you how he did it. It is worth reading. You might actually discover another aspect of yourself that is more powerful than any challenge in front of you. You can triumph over your challenges.

S. Mitchell I LOVE this book!
I wish I could afford to by a couple hundred copies of this book and give it away to every person I know! For me, his struggle to figure out what he believed in and how to make it all work for him are very real! I have asked many of the questions he asks and have bounced between conviction and angry depression much as he describes. This book was a total inspiration to me because his journey is soooooo real and his outcome so positive. Unlike so many people who write of their theories just spouting a lot of seemingly brilliant ideals with no instruction for application, Terry McBride describes his process with admirable honesty! I highly recommend this book for anyone who doesn’t think they have it all figured out, who struggles in life in any way! Book Reviewer Triumph over the Most Challenging Situation

Just Me – I want you to know YOU CAN,
Terry’s book is a very dramatic story of recovery from a severe illness. The book won’t tell you any new techniques or give you a magic formula for fixing your life. But it is awe-inspiring and motivational. Terry is an absolutely fantastic speaker, and if you get an opportunity to attend one of his talks, DO SO!
the hell we can!!,

Dear Terry, I learned of your book (and read it before I heard you speak), and saw you speak, at The Soul-Esteem Center in St. Louis with Phyllis Clay-Sparks back in 2006. On August 9, 2011, my children’s dad had a major motorcycle accident. He’s now in a wheelchair, and he’s facing neurological issues that are still undiagnosed, even thought this Thursday, it will have been 6 months ago since the accident.

I’ve become his primary caregiver, and I just wanted to tell you that this past weekend, I began reading your book to him. I got so much out of it in 2006, even without a physical challenge, and now the words I highlighted, underscored, wrote asterisks and exclamation points, and circled, have even more meaning.

I just wanted to thank you for writing so candidly. Though Kurt doesn’t really talk about what he’s going through and feeling, he keeps telling me that he really connects to what you’re saying in your book. Tomorrow morning we’ll begin on Chapter 20: Choice of Destination.

Today, during his Home Health Care Physical Therapy, he really worked harder than I’ve seen since he was in the Rehabilitation Hospital. As I read to Kurt, I watch him nod, sometimes tears form in his eyes, sometimes he just stares at me hanging on to your next words.

It’s been a long day–but I didn’t want to end the day without telling you how much I’m grateful that I get to share your experience with Kurt… He is relating so much, and I’m so glad you wrote your book the way you did…. The first half of the book gave Kurt the opportunity to recognize how he’s feeling before you started to show him the way to 100% recovery. Kathy

Thank You for the window into your life. Sometimes life is a little over the top for yourself and then someone says, writes, or does something that brings all the events back into line. Your struggles are life stopping, life developing, and life changing for you and now I am sure for many more including myself… I am sure you know you are remarkable and give hope and understanding to those who read and truly understand your gift to them.

Your book has opened up a truly new avenue for me. I have had many of the thoughts in your book swirling around since a surgery I had that changed my life. I believe that a 3 day class with you would be the leap I would need over this wall of problems. But since I am on a low fixed income I just feel fortunate to have heard you, buy your book, you signed for me, and now can use it for a guideline and model to let my body know that this invasion it suffered is alright we will heal and go to the health we deserve and the pain free life I envision. Thank you so much for the information and the time and energy you used to write down the thoughts you have in a useable and valuable way.

~Susan Neil

Terry — Your book is one of the most fascinating I have ever read. I read it in one weekend, then typed all the items I highlighted into six pages of notes. I then wrote to my very sick father in Virginia and told him about you and threw in some of your quotes. I would give anything if he would even consider the possibility of feeling better from his \”incurable\” disease of aplastic anemia. Thank you for your work and for your spirit. If you\’re ever in Colorado, coffee or dinner is on me as a thank-you!

Sandy Hartman    Fort Collins, CO

Terry, my 97 (and a half!) year old mother, Suzanne, whom you sat next to at the Center for Spiritual Living Redondo Beach the last time you spoke there (June 2012), passed away peacefully last month. I want you to know that she was vibrant, totally lucid, and in great spirits until her last breath. Her favorite book was The Hell I Can’t, and she asked me to read excerpts every day during the 6 days it took Mom to transition. .

Isn’t it amazing that you had such an impact on my mom in just one short hour? Your story gave her the courage to transition into the spiritual plain with joy and peace. I can’t thank you enough.   I don’t know if you remember her. She was the former college professor who spoke 7 languages and stood at a mere 4’7″ tall

Thanks so much! Claudia Krikorian