Wake Up!

I wake up in the morning listening to Judy McKenzie's song, "Follow Your Bliss," It starts off:

Wake up wake up wake up, rejoice
Wake up wake up wake up, rejoice
Then it has a verse, "You are the light of the world so don't hide it."
Then another one says, "Speak out your truth for you are God’s glory, and your sweet life story is thrilling."

Some days I awake early with little sleep and have to get to the airport to fly to a gig and - - - well let's just say if I wasn't singing those lines to myself, if I wasn't consciously moving to the kind of day I want, it would be easy to move into the drama of being in airports all day.

One verse says, "Follow your bliss, many times you've heard this; so, just follow you bliss and be free."

Moving to is part of you taking charge of your creative mind and thereby your life. When you wake up, what is your focus, what are you moving to?

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