Where is Your Focus?

If you start your day with the intention of working on your problem then the first thing that must be in your experience is your problem. Without your problem you wouldn't be able to work on it.

The central idea behind "Moving to" is to use the tools of choice and create the solution.  You can train your creative mind to have its main focus on creating what you do want, what you want to be creating, rather than just dealing with problems and challenges. Certainly you will probably have some problems and challenges come up in creating what you want. And the focus is on realizing the dream not just dealing with the stuff better.

The body and mind combination is goal-directed and action-oriented. Both have a program that they are committed to realizing. That's a little simplistic and it's like that.The choices we all have are:

~what would we like these various programs to be heading to?
~where would you like to be at the end of this year?
~how would you like to perceive yourself as you go along on this journey?Right now take a moment and reflect, where has your focus been for the last few hours?

“Moving to” is just the label I use to assist me to be aware of where my focus is.

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  1. JoEllen
    JoEllen says:

    The idea of being powerful-that I am a unique expression of the
    divine spark- is your idea for which I am most greaful

  2. Bobbie
    Bobbie says:

    I am most grateful for you recommending I read The Nine Faces of Christ! Can not find the words to accurately express my gratitude…Namaste

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