you are not your thoughts- terry mcbride

You Are Not Your Thoughts…

Yesterday I purchased two pieces of furniture and I moved them into my home by myself. They weren't that heavy, and I was in constant contact with my body, paying attention to how I was lifting.

This morning as I was having my coffee under my orange trees I noticed a "twinge" in my lower back. This twinge, as I am calling it, was similar to some of the things that were going on when I was healing back problems.

The first thoughts I had when I noticed this discomfort were not that positive. And automatically in came the negative monitor mentioned in the "What do you think" video. My voice inside did what I have programmed it to do:"Notice where you are going with these thoughts."  

And I chose again.Taking charge of your creative mind is an ongoing process of being at choice and focusing on the reality you want for yourself rather than just reacting to your perceptions about what is going on. You are not your thoughts, you are the thinker.

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  1. Chef Rachel
    Chef Rachel says:

    Thank you for the reminder. I am ready to start using the voice of the monitor to notice negative habitual thought pattern and to start catching them before they take me over and lead me into a funk.

    I am so glad I was led to your free telesminars and to revisit your book and teachings.

  2. Larry Murchison
    Larry Murchison says:

    I saw you at the Center for Spiritual Awareness in West Sacramento, CA. You really made me stop and think about what was possible for me to do, be and have. I bought the CD of your talk and I have listened to it at least 20 times in the past two weeks. Every time, I hear something new and inspiring. You say it like it is!! You do not pull punches about your view of human potential and I believe you!

  3. Sherry Casper
    Sherry Casper says:

    Thank you Terry, such a wonderful reminder…so easy to forget in the moment. I love your quote “when you are in a swamp full of alligators, it’s easy to forget the task was to drain the swamp.”

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