Thousands of people have been enjoying happier, more productive lives by following the teachings of Terry McBride. He has assembled his teachings and philosophies into the popular self-study program, 'EVERYBODY WINS'.

'EVERYBODY WINS' is a fast, fun and easy way for you to achieve your goals and to begin enjoying the life you've dreamed of.

'EVERYBODY WINS' is the complete, nine-week, multi-sensory program that will get you using the tools of success from day one. Take a few moments and preview Everybody Wins for yourself and you will get a taste of why the Everybody Wins Program is so powerful.

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After more than a year, Terry's "Everybody Wins; Experiencing Life As A Joyous Adventure" increasingly; has My Full Attention.    And My Life has Changed Dramatically!
It has not only helped me to Understand What It Is That Is Truly Important To Me,
it has helped me to Draw These Wonderful Things Into My Life!
(The love of my ideally perfect woman, a wonderful home, friends on a level of friendship I've never known, and work that I love.)

Finally, I am living the life I've always wanted to live, without any fear of losing it, that before, somehow, deep down inside me, I thought would be impossible to obtain.
And now I know that the sky is the limit!
I am helping others with these timeless principles also, just because that is Who I Am.
Thank you so very much Mr. McBride, I pray that The Good Lord Will Bless you Profusely!
I read, study, and apply the Spiritual Truths in Your Awesome Program Daily.

Michael S. (Real Estate Agent, Calif.

I have tried a lot of "programs" and read a lot of self-help books with prescribed steps and recipes for success. None of which has given me the confidence to really look "within" for the answers in a systematic and reproducible approach like the "Everybody Wins" program.

At the end of the 9 weeks with Terry as my guide, I used the tools of goal setting, affirmation and visualization to get what I wanted. I tripled my income with a new business working fewer hours with in 3 months of completing the course. My marriage has dramatically improved and we have fun like were newlyweds. I was able to lose some 20 pounds while lowering my cholesterol and blood pressure.

Life is now really fun because Terry gave me the treasure map to create any thing I want to experience. Every time I am able to pull something off of my wants list, I get fired up to get the next thing. Where the movie 'The Secret' leaves off on the basic steps for demonstration and manifestation, Terry makes the 'Secret' known!

The price for his system is far less than the rewards that can be attained if one is ready to do the minimal work involved on a consistent basis. I have my children using "the tools" as well. Thanks Terry!

Regards, Greg McLeod

I was pleased to find that every section of 'EVERYBODY WINS' stands on its own. I look forward to future uses of refreshment and self-awareness.

T.C., Bank V.P.

The ideas you have expressed through your Everybody Wins Program have pulled together a great deal of life’s learning into a concrete, usable plan that is working magic in my life; like the icing on that cake. Your words have empowered me. My Gratitude, my thanks, I send you blessings.

Reverend Sonja Contois

‘EVERYBODY WINS’ is fantastic! Unlike many programs that become difficult to stay with, ‘EVERBODY WINS’ is virtually effortless and the results just flow."JG

I met Terry McBride two years ago when I attended his two evening workshop. One of the first things I noticed about him was his enthusiasm for life. It was obvious that he experienced his life and what he was about as a joyous adventure. Having been involved in my own personal development through workshops, books and various trainings for over twenty-five years, I understood the basics he was teaching. At the same time his approach was unique. As he explored choice and how it can be used, he allowed each of us to find our own way. And he inspired us to focus on what we did want, instead of simply using the principles and techniques he was teaching, to deal with the challenges we faced.

As he talked about how he discovered the power of choice when he was healing himself I knew that if I paid attention to the choices I was making in my life, I too could have the dreams of my heart and mind.
At the end of his workshop he offered the Everybody Wins program, his nine week, take-home training. I decided to invest in it, not because he sold me—that’s not Terry—he just showed how the daily use of his CDs, workbook and text could be beneficial and asked, “What would your life be like if you had a method to assist you to use the tools of choice to get what you want?”

I got the program so I’d have a support system and specific tools to help me focus on getting what I truly wanted. And, it really worked!  Using Everybody Wins took only minutes a day. Within a short time, I witnessed wonderful changes in my life. I was more on track, and I was having more fun. As I completed the training, I realized I was creating the life I always wanted. And I’m excited to go through it again because, through using this program, I will continue applying choice to my new dreams.

Working with Terry on his book has changed how I view myself and how I approach living. And through having the Everybody Wins program as a resource that I can use again and again to remind and assist me to use what I know, I too see my life as a joyous adventure.

Leslie Petrovich , editor The Hell I Can’t!

Terry, thank you for your courage and your sharing of the process in Everybody Wins.
Since starting your program I have saved my business, doubled my sales production and been promoted to the next level in the company, which I had been trying to accomplish for over two years. I am so grateful for the insights to myself and the unlimited possibilities I see for me through using the program.

-Martha Laff

After attending an outstanding workshop that Terry conducted, I knew the "Everybody Wins" program was my next step. Now that I have completed the program I can honestly say that it has given me even more than I had hoped. I now have tools that I use daily to create a life filled with joy and adventure while loving who and what I am right now. Thank you Terry for sharing your experience.

-Gayle Williams...Nashville TN

EVERYBODY WINS is a winner! Terry McBride's program is one of the best self-taught programs ever..." I have seen my production increase 189% since using your Everybody Wins Program.

D.P., Real Estate Broker