Terry McBride Challenges The Lie of Human Limitations

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As you explore the ideas presented throughout this site, Terry’s Free Trainings, his audios, videos, and articles, remember the purpose of this material is to assist you to have the kind of life you want.

You can start right where you are and learn to use the tools of choice in practical ways, that allow you to focus your intentions, actions and imagination on creating the reality you desire.

Remember, in the beginning Terry did not believe he would ever be able to have the perfect health he wanted. Get involved with the tools of choice as Terry lays them out in his teachings and what you will find is you are more powerful than you think you are.


How To Create Belief

You are such a powerful voice for those of us who struggle

Thank you so much for your workshop at Agape in Dallas. You opened up a whole world for us. Reading your book rejuvenated me in ways I can’t even express.
I’m on day 4 of your Everybody Wins program and my world grows larger and promises more hope than I’ve ever known was possible.

Know that you do touch lives in ways those lives could never have imagined.
You are such a powerful voice for those of us who struggle under such, seemingly, all too powerful voices around us telling us what we can’t be — what we can never hope for… and your message, “The Hell I Can’t” resonates — and it is epic. Thank you for voicing it — there are those who internalize it in ways you probably can’t imagine. I hope you never quit sharing.
Rand Nix, Dallas TX

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He really can assist you to have more of the kind of life you want


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